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Watercolors and a few other things I love.


"Life and art are the same thing."

      Felix Mendelssohn

Swim, paint, make music.  My daily devotions.  This is a place where I can share the latter two with you.  Have a look around please!

I've been making music all my life, and it has been a constant blessing.  I've met wonderful people, gone around the world, worked hard and had fun.  If you ask me music is the best thing humankind has come up with. 

Painting came along with retirement.  What started as a lark at a friend's kitchen table became a passion and then a tidal wave which overtook my life... in a good way.  I even landed a gig as Artist in Residence with the National Parks in 2017.  I still get excited when the paint hits whatever surface I am working on!

Most of all, with both my music and my painting, I want to tell you a story.  Or maybe more to the point, I want to give you the fodder for telling yourself your own story.

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